About Capital Processing Network

About Capital Processing Network

When you get credit card processing from us, it is a genuine relationship rather than feeling like a number. Serving all of the United States of America, Capital Processing Network is a merchant service provider that is proud to be in the U.S., dedicated to serving our customers, employees, and community. Our organization constantly strives to be the very best at every facet of our business. We are focused and committed on delivering only the finest technology and solutions to our clients.

Our Values

At Capital Processing Network, we value integrity, honesty, friendliness, personal excellence, continual self-improvement, and hard work. We are committed to our customers, employees, and partners and have a passion for merchant banking.

We take on challenging projects, and pride ourselves on completing them accurately and thoroughly. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, executive management team, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, executing short and long term objectives, and striving for the highest quality.


At our core is integrity. We are honest and trustworthy in dealing with clients, vendors, coworkers, and affiliates.


We do our best to master our line of work and will treat your organization with respect, care, and compassion.


We enhance our customers' success by delivering exceptional value through new technology and the very best in service.


We relentlessly strive for excellence in every component in our business.


We work in an expansive environment that embraces serving others, creative ideas, and success.


We are accountable "individually and in business units" for our diligence, actions, and work ethic.


We earn profits which are continually reinvested back into our company. This gives our employees and customers peace of mind, knowing that we are financially healthy and poised for continued success well into the future.

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We Offer

  • Merchant credit card processing
  • Warranty and replacement of defective or obsolete hardware
  • Superior customer service and technical support
  • Solid transaction reporting and management
  • Low merchant credit card processing rates
  • Long term account maintenance
  • Gift card
  • Wireless and mobile credit card processing
  • Ecommerce credit card processing
  • Restaurant credit card processing
  • Agent Bank and Agent Reseller programs
  • Virtual Terminal credit card processing
  • Check conversion with guarantee
  • Credit card readers
  • Manual credit card machines
  • First Data credit card processing
  • Batch credit card processing
  • Credit card machine rental
  • Touchtone credit card processing