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How Value Added Resellers Can Integrate Payment Processing Profitably – VAR Processing

VARs, or Value Added Resellers, often may be in charge of selling and setting up Point of Sale, CRM, and other business systems for retailers and B2B organizations. They may be managing and maintaining a suite of hardware and software solutions, all of which have their own particular issues. Whether your VAR is offering proprietary solutions or white-labeled services, a partnership with a good credit card processing company can provide a win-win for your company and the end user. Many VARs may ...Read More

Refund Scam Warning – Nonprofits and Charity Merchant Accounts Impacted

Every once in a while, scammers find a way to hit merchant accounts for big dollars. A new refund scam making its way around nonprofits involves the use of stolen credit cards and an appeal to the charity’s conscience. Using stolen cards and the fruits of identity theft, crooks have been targeting charitable organizations via their credit card machines. Fortunately, the scam can be shut down quickly by following normal refund procedures. According to the Idaho Attorney General, the scam goes ...Read More

Credit Card Processing Companies – How to Make An Informed Choice

Business owners often have difficulties choosing among the sheer number of credit card processing companies in the marketplace today. There are so many choices because there are very low barriers to entry in the marketplace. An individual can work in the industry for a short time and gain the knowledge necessary to become an independent sales agent (ISO) of another processing firm or acquiring bank. In fact, the ISO acronym can be applied to one-person shops operating out of a home office as well ...Read More

Capital Processing Network Expects 2014 to Be a Great Year for Merchant Services

At Capital Processing Network, we are anticipating another great year in merchant services and credit card processing. The payment processing marketplace as a whole has been in flux over the past two years thanks to changes in PCI requirements, EMV card compliance roadmaps, TIN validation regulations, and a host of behind-the-scenes developments. Even with news of data breaches among major retailers, our outlook for small business credit card processing is positive. For 2014, many small businesses ...Read More

Point of Sale Credit Card Skimmers – Is Your POS Safe?

Major retailers are on the alert for Point of Sale skimmers, which are designed to look like part of the actual credit card processing equipment. Many of these items are professionally designed, and fit over the credit card reading slot or over the entire face of the device. In other cases skimmers may be attached to terminals, ATM slots, or even gas station card readers. In the past, illegal credit card scanners were easy to detect, but newer models may fit so well onto machines that they may fool ...Read More

Black Friday? Small Business Saturday? Cyber Monday? Get Year Round Savings!

At Capital Processing Network, many of our retail credit card processing customers see their biggest savings during the holiday shopping season, which officially kicks off on Black Friday. Small Business Saturday, an AMEX initiative which has gained popularity, has a bigger impact on our customers just because we serve a large number of SMBs, and Black Friday shoppers tend to stick to the bigger shops on that day. Our eCommerce retailers usually tell us that Cyber Monday is nothing to sneeze at, ...Read More