Point of Sale Credit Card Skimmers – Is Your POS Safe?

Major retailers are on the alert for Point of Sale skimmers, which are designed to look like part of the actual credit card processing equipment. Many of these items are professionally designed, and fit over the credit card reading slot or over the entire face of the device. In other cases skimmers may be attached to terminals, ATM slots, or even gas station card readers. In the past, illegal credit card scanners were easy to detect, but newer models may fit so well onto machines that they may fool ...Read More

Free Credit Card Machine? Why It’s A Bad Deal.

At Capital Processing Network, many of our prospective customers shop around for the best deal. One of the offers from other processing companies involves the promise of a “free credit card machine.” Luckily, most customers are sophisticated enough to understand that any “free” product is usually tied to additional terms and conditions that actually cost far more over time. As any buyer of cable TV or cellular phone service knows, the cost of the free hardware ends up getting buried in the ...Read More

Church Giving Kiosks Popular Among Younger Churchgoers

Donations have been a part of the churchgoing experience since Biblical times, and are even referenced in the Lesson of the Widow’s Mite. Through the years, cash has been the preferred currency of the collection plate, but giving kiosks have made it possible to pay with plastic. These kiosks, which first appeared in larger congregations but are now found in more modest churches, allow the churchgoer to make an electronic donation and drop a receipt (or envelope) into the collection plate. Although ...Read More

Dual Comm Terminals with Phone and Internet Connectivity

Some of the newest credit card terminals come with Internet and phone connectivity built into the device. While terminals have had phone jacks built in for quite some time, IP-enabled models have not all ditched the familiar phone port, and this can be a good backup plan for your business. Occasionally, internet connectivity might fail due to a problem on the part of your ISP or in your internal network. Assuming that your phone line is not tied into your Internet connection (and some are) you might ...Read More

Terminal End Of Life Notice: What Should You Do?

Your credit card terminal may be obsolete sooner than you think. In fact, processing companies often send out warnings on their statements about machines that will no longer be supported after a certain date. Following a "sunset" deadline, credit card terminals can become unsupported and no downloads to the machine are available.  Normally the message ends with a prompt to “contact your merchant services provider” to find an alternative device.  In ordinary circumstances, merchants can still ...Read More

Why Some Businesses Don’t Take Credit Cards

It may seem odd to many consumers, but in 2012 there are still millions of companies in the US that don’t accept debit and credit cards as a form of payment. The proliferation of cheap, smartphone-based card readers may be closing the gap on acceptance for micro-businesses, but there are many brick-and-mortar shops that seem to be stuck in the 1970s when it comes to taking payments. A few months ago, the software provider Intuit reported that as many as 55 percent of small businesses don’t accept ...Read More

Should You Lease a Credit Card Machine?

A common question that comes up when accepting credit cards is whether you should buy or lease your credit card terminal. Like most other kinds of office equipment and furniture, credit card terminals can be leased, and in fact leasing is more common than purchasing when it comes to merchant processing equipment. Why should you lease credit card equipment instead of buying it? This is a common question, especially in an era where some processors promise “free” terminals. In reality, the cost ...Read More

Smartphone Payment Security – Are Merchants Safe?

Quite a few companies now have smartphone payment devices that attach directly to the headphone jack on the phone in order to read credit cards. Most of the newer models have addressed security concerns by encrypting the data between the “reader” and the software that transmits the card information to the processing company. However, there are still many legitimate concerns about the safety and security of credit card information transmitted through smartphones. As a merchant, the first question ...Read More

How often should you batch out your credit card machine?

Businesses that process debit and credit card transactions may have a variety of different ways of handling the funds generated by their terminals. The majority of small companies, which run on narrow margins, will promptly “batch” transactions at the end of the business day, and those funds will “settle” into their bank accounts over the course of the next few days. In some extreme cases, glitches and other problems can lead to bad publicity, as one Pizza shop in California discovered when ...Read More

Vending Machines That Accept Credit Cards

  Contactless Credit Card Readers, similar to the one pictured above, are being added to vending machines.Vending machines that take debit and credit cards have been making their way into the marketplace. Unfortunately, the prices for products delivered by these machines is generally higher than traditional “coin-op” machines. While many users may believe that the price increase is related to the cost of the machine, which may also have touchscreens and advanced software, in reality the ...Read More