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Capital Processing Network helps their clients be more successful and save money at the same time. With a wide variety of problems that a business can run into, We Offer a number of solutions. Below are some of the ways that we can help take your business to the next level.

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Veterinary Hospital

Case Study - Veterinary Hospital - Capital Processing Network

In June of 2010 a well-established animal hospital in Georgia, processing in excess of 1.5 million dollars in annual credit card transactions with their local bank, was seeking to find a lower-priced credit card processing solution…read more

Two Stores & Multiple Merchant Accounts

Case Study - Two Stores & Multiple Merchant Accounts - Capital Processing Network

Merchant has two brick and mortar retail stores connected by a walk-through hallway, an online store, took phone orders and were paying to much on processing charges. So they came to us to find a solution that would lower processes charges and help increase cash flow and overall Net Profit…read more


Case Study - Bakery - Capital Processing Network

Client was unhappy with big bank service. The bank would not respond to the owner’s concerns and questions in a timely response.The client worked with our corporate sales staff to receive a formal proposal and a better hardware reader solution. The client accepted and agreed with our recommendations…read more

New Store Opening

Case Study - New Store Opening - Capital Processing Network

An Old-town Scottsdale Arizona client was expanding and opening up a second location. The client predominantly sells jewelry and gifts. To take advantage of inexpensive office space and a slight recovery of tourism back in Arizona, a new store was added to capture more foot traffic to increase sales…read more

Ferrari and Lamborghini Part Seller

Case Study - Ferrari and Lamborghini Part Seller - Capital Processing Network

In 2011, a Senior Account Executive revisited with the auto supplier again to issue another proposal. Upon a rate review, the merchant’s processing fees and rates were almost 1-percent higher than with their old bank! The “switch” cost the merchant about $18,000.00 more over the 3 year period…read more