Capital Processing Network - Case Study - Bakery

Client was unhappy with big bank service. The bank would not respond to the owner’s concerns and questions in a timely response. The owner did not have time to meet with a sales executive and was shopping around for different offers. The client also had old and antiquated equipment that needed to be upgraded. The client worked with our corporate sales staff to receive a formal proposal and a better hardware reader solution. The client accepted and agreed with our recommendations.

The company decided to commence a new account with Capital Processing Network. The owner quotes, “Thought I'd give you some feedback/update on the switch over and service from my old service provider, a big bank in town. Feel free to share this with your potential new clients. The switch over was seamless. I was up and running within 20 minutes of receiving the hardware. The technical support team was great and even did some custom configuration with me while on the phone. The only time I've had to call them since the install the wait time was short and they fixed the problem within seconds. In our first full month we've saved .5% in our fees-it may not sound like much but it really adds up!”