Two Stores & Multiple
Merchant Accounts

Capital Processing Network - Case Study - Two Stores & Multiple Merchant Accounts


Multiple Merchant Accounts to Minimize Processing Costs


  • Merchant has two brick and mortar retail stores connected by a walk-through hallway
    • Merchant has a terminal (Hypercom T7P) and no pin pads for each store
    • One terminal is not functional and merchant must walk to other store to process a transaction
  • Merchant has an internet store
  • Accepts payments in face-to-face environment and telephone/internet orders
  • Telephone and Internet orders are hand-key entered
  • Merchant has one pricing structure for both types of orders
  • Receives daily credit card batches 4-5 business days after settlement
  • Accepts AMEX but is processed as a third party transaction


  • Minimizing processing costs thereby increasing merchant’s Net Profit
  • Increase cash flow
  • Protect merchant from malfunctioning equipment
  • Restore payment processing efficiencies
  • Consolidate all transactions by eliminating third party authorizations
  • Supplying processing solution and hardware to facilitate lowest costs possible
  • Implement technology solution that will minimize processing costs for different types of orders
  • Installing hardware and software solution for merchant
  • Training merchant how to use hardware and software to minimize processing costs


  • Provided an in-depth analysis of current processing solution which revealed:
    • current overall bundled rate (total cost of processing)
    • 65% of retail transactions were debit card transactions
  • Internet transaction were charged an average of 6.07% processing fee due to incorrect solution
  • Determined correct pricing structure for merchant and implemented 2 different pricing structures, one for face-to-face transactions and one for telephone/internet orders (retail pricing structure and MOTO pricing structure)
  • Set merchant up with Next Day Funding
  • Consolidated AMEX payments through AMEX One-Point program
  • Provided 2 credit card terminals (FD-100ti) and 2 pin-pads (FD-10) for face-to-face transactions and an internet gateway (Autherize.Net) solution for telephone/internet orders
  • Gave merchant a Lifetime Guarantee on new equipment
  • Installed all terminals and Authorize.Net and gave in-person training


  • Saved the merchant an average of $480 per month
  • Increased daily cash flow by $2500