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Want a rate quote? Anyone can throw out numbers on credit card rates, and promise you the lowest rates in the industry. You may find, however, that the rate advertised applies to less than one in ten transactions that goes through your credit card machine. At Capital Processing Network, we can analyze your entire statement and show you how to save real money on all of your transactions.

Every day, Capital Processing Network helps merchants put real dollars back into their businesses by cutting costs related to card processing, check acceptance, and interchange fees. Credit card processing rates can vary depending on a number of factors, and even if you are getting the lowest merchant account fees available, other hidden costs might be tacking hundreds of dollars per month onto your merchant statement.

Many business owners aren’t aware that they can add dollars to their bottom line by getting a detailed analysis of their merchant statement. Capital Processing Network can analyze your current merchant statement and point out places where you may be overpaying for every credit card you swipe. We can compare all of our rates and fees to those of your current merchant services provider, and offer tips on how to save money on processing, terminals, and your entire checkout process.

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Facts About Credit Card Processing Rates

  • Merchant service companies may quote a “Qualified Rate” which is the base rate for credit cards transactions.
  • Credit Card issuers have over 100 different rates depending on your card type. Miles, Rewards, and Corporate cards all have higher rates than the qualified rate.
  • Hidden fees can wipe out any savings realized from having a low rate.
  • Upgraded terminals, PIN Pads, and checkout practices may lower your transaction fees.
  • Capital Processing Network can analyze your whole statement and suggest multiple ways to cut card processing costs.