High-Speed Internet Credit Card Readers

Implement an IP (internet enabled) credit card acceptance device with us for your credit card processing accounts.

Credit Card Machines

Give your employees and customers an expedited transaction experience.

Capital Processing Network offers small and mid-market business owners IP enabled PCI compliant credit card machines that will meet and exceed your credit card processing requirements. Millions of businesses are still using outdated analog phone lines as a circuit to process their credit card service. We Offer credit card devices that have both internet and phone line communication modems available. Our proven hardware and software combinations will allow your employees to safely and efficiently process all forms of credit cards, debit cards, and EBT cards for processing. Allow a sales executive or technician to recommend a high speed internet credit card reader or credit card machine for your company today!

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Benefits of high speed internet credit card machines

  • Saves you money overall on your credit card processing
  • Much faster authorization and approval speed
  • Eliminate old analog and POT phone lines
  • Ethernet or Wifi connections available
  • Redundancy (if phone line is down, switch to IP and vice versa)
  • Maximize value of an internet circuit you already pay for

We stock the following manufacturers of credit card readers for next day air delivery

  • Verifone credit card machines and readers
  • Hypercom credit card machines and readers
  • First Data credit card machines and readers
verifone vx570

Verifone Vx570

The Vx 570 provides merchants with future-proof connectivity. It has built-in support for dial, and an option of combining dial and Ethernet. Dial can be used today, then switched to Ethernet at any time without added cost or inconvenience. Or merchants with broadband service already installed can immediately process payments through the always-on connection.

Verifone Vx570 >
Hypercom T4220

Hypercom T4220

The Optimum T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The Optimum T4220 comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability, the safety of the HyperSafe®32 architecture and unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds. The OptimumT4220 also shares the same user interface as the T4200 family dial and wireless models or ease of migration and support.

Hypercom T4220 >
First Data 100Ti

First Data 100Ti

The First Data FD100Ti terminal is an affordable all-in-one terminal solution that combines performance, security, reliability and ease of use into a low-cost, feature-rich device. It delivers high-quality transaction processing and, by using newer technologies, provides a safe, secure Internet Protocol/dial-up platform. Compatible with many standard peripherals, the FD100Ti terminal provides maximum versatility at an affordable price.

First Data 100Ti >