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Capital Processing Network Low Risk Portfolio

Capital Processing Network is unique among credit card processing companies in that we offer a “Low Risk Portfolio” of clients for credit card processing. Unlike other processors, who will sign up all applicants, Capital Processing Network restricts its clientele to merchants who have a low risk of chargebacks and credit card fraud.

Because we control a portfolio of low risk clients, we are able to negotiate better wholesale rates for credit card processing and pass the savings along to our customers. The creation of a low-risk portfolio is a win-win for us and our customers, because we are able to remain profitable despite the lower margins we receive on discounted credit card processing services.

Other processors, meanwhile, may need to balance their portfolios by passing the expense of higher risk customers onto lower risk clients. For example, high risk clients like pawn shops, bail bondsmen, and online casinos usually have a far greater chance of chargebacks, fraud, and card theft. A processing company may pool these clients with traditionally low-risk companies like retail stores, dentists, and nurseries. While the addition of lower-risk clients effectively “waters down” the risk associated with a bundled portfolio, the low-risk clients would be paying less if they were grouped exclusively with other low risk clients.

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