AdvanceMe Alternative
Funding Program

Merchant Cash Advance-Capital Processing Network AdvanceMe Alternative Funding Program

Do you need immediate cash funds for your business to resolve a surprise expense, property improvement, or purchase urgent inventory supplies?

Do you need to make emergency repairs to your space or equipment?

If so, these are just a few reasons why our cash advance program can grow your company without any bank hassles. Apply now for AdvanceMe, Inc. (AMI) Alternative Cash Advance Funding Program! We will get you funded as quickly as possible. Call us at 1-877-456-9747 and ask for Customer Care to obtain an application or fill out the form below.

Merchant Cash Advance products are an innovative a funding resource for small and mid-sized businesses. We provide working capital through purchasing a fixed dollar amount of your company’s future credit card sales at a discount through a lump sum cash payment.

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Features and Benefits

Merchant cash advance represents a compelling opportunity for many businesses and can provide you with a number of potential benefits including.

  • Funding as quick as 5 to 10 business days
  • No personal collateral required
  • No bank hassles
    • Easier approval process
    • No application fees of closing costs of any kind
    • Simple paperwork. Two AMI forms
  • No big monthly check to remember to write
  • Automated remittance to AMI from your credit card processing with us
    • Many of AMI’s customers call it “painless funding”
  • Unless agreed, the specified percentage will not change
  • You can use the funding for any business purpose
  • You can renew for more cash advances at a later time

How does it Work?

  • Your business agrees to sell a fixed dollar amount of its future credit card sales at a discount.
  • Once approved your business will receive a lump sum of working capital as the purchase price.
  • Your business will operate as it always does. Through an automated process, when you “batch” your credit and debit card sales, we will automatically forward AMI the agreed-upon percentage of receipts.
  • The percentage retrieved is fixed, not the amount retrieved.
  • AMI will get paid when you get paid.

How do I qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance?

  • You accept Credit Cards as a form of payment
  • Process a minimum of $5,000 a month in Credit Cards
  • You have been in business for at least one year
  • Meet a few other qualifying criteria.