Merchant Services for Business Owners

Merchant Services for Business Owners

Our low-risk merchant services portfolio encompasses a lot of different business types. We have a full range of solutions designed to help you collect payments from customers who may prefer to pay by credit card, debit card, check, or online. Our wide range of credit card terminals lets you process transactions over phone lines, online, or even through cellular phone networks, so you can bring your credit card machine to where your customers are.

For small and medium sized businesses, we offer highly competitive card processing rates, and can customize solutions that give you upgraded terminals and low merchant account fees. Furthermore, we offer point of sale (POS) integration with existing systems that you may already have in your store.

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The list below shows just a sample of the business types that qualify for low-risk pricing. Capital Processing Network offers round-the-clock service and support for any issues that may come up when you are using credit card terminals, software, or peripherals.


Save on every card presented at your restaurant, whether you use a POS system or credit card terminal. Create gift or loyalty cards and find innovative payment processing solutions.

Restaurants >

Retail Fuel

Gas stations and retail fuel services can save thousands while accepting Voyager and WEX cards.

Retail Fuel >


Don't let fees subtract from the money you earn on parts and labor.

Automotive >

Lodging & Hotel

Payment acceptance for hotels and motels. Lodging and BNB services make it easy to say "charge it."

Lodging & Hotels >

Car Rental

Your car rental store can save with every buyer who presents a rewards or points card.

Car Rental >

Retail Supermarkets

Supermarkets and retail food stores can save thousands on credit card, merchant, and POS fees.

Retail Supermarkets >


Florists and flower sellers benefit from special rates.

Floral >


HVAC contractors can save thousands every year while making it easier to collect for services rendered.



Plumbers can save big and accept payments on site with portable credit card terminals.

Plumbing >

Flooring & Tile

How much can your flooring store save? Tile, flooring, and carpet stores benefit from reduced transaction fees.

Flooring & Tile >


Online store and e-commerce savings. Discounted payment gateway and virtual terminal products.

E-Commerce >


Learn how wholesalers, drop shippers, and warehouses can add more dollars to the bottom line.

Wholesalers >

Pet Grooming

Find out how pet groomers can save on processing and check guarantee services.

Pet Grooming >

Funeral Homes

Learn how your funeral home or parlor can save thousands every year.

Funeral Homes >


Non-Profit organizations can apply more funds to their charitable causes. Charity merchant services and fundraiser donation options.

Non-Profits >


Catering companies can see reduced fees and find convenient payment guarantee solutions for special events.

Cartering >


Inexpensive authorization services for churches, church book stores, and donations to religious organizations. Donation kiosk solutions for collection plate envelopes, church retreats, and special events.

Churches >


Hair and nail salons can save big on beautician services, manicures, pedicures, weaves, and hairstyle enhancements.

Salons >


Cost effective authorization for dentists, oral surgeons, endodontists, and cosmetic dentistry practices. HSA and CareCredit-style options.

Dentists >


Services for psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists. Low risk pricing for psychology practices and counseling services.

Psychiatrists >

Cosmetic Surgeons

Merchant services for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. We have a variety of low-fee solutions for aesthetic surgery professionals.

Cosmetic Surgeons >

Drug Rehab Clinics

Card processing services for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Innovative payment methods for inpatient and outpatient therapy.

Drug Rehab Clinics >


Services for eye care professionals including optometrists, eyeglass stores, or ophthalmologists. Vision centers can benefit from reduced fees

Optical >

Jewelry Stores

Discount processing for Jewelry Stores. Improve cash flow with innovative payment acceptance and anti-fraud solutions.

Jewelry Stores >

Retail Stores

Retail processing services include POS integration and check verification equipment.

Retail Stores >

Home Furnishings

Solutions for furniture and home furnishings stores. We help furniture sellers cut authorization fees.

Home Furnishings >


Popular payment services include check guarantee, debit card and credit authorization for book sellers.

Bookstores >


Merchant services for veterinarians. Your veterinary or animal care services practice can diversify payment accepatance and save. Check processing available.

Veterinarians >

Clothing Stores

POS & terminal services for clothing stores and boutiques. Serving new and used clothes stores, as well as clothing rental shops. No hidden fees!

Clothing Stores >


Payment processing for nurseries and garden shops. Low rate solutions for garden centers, tree farms, and nursery stores.

Nurseries >

Auto Parts

Services for auto parts sellers. Merchant services for new, used, and rebuilt automotive parts. POS system services for retail stores and junkyards.

Auto Parts >

Transmission Shops

Payment processing services for transmission repair shops. Save you money on credit, debit, and check acceptance services.

Transmission Shops >

Church Coffee Shops

Church coffee shops and snack bars can save on credit card acceptance.

Church Coffee Shops >

Church Bookstores

Your church bookstore can add gift card and specialized payment solutions tailored to religious booksellers.

Church Bookstores >

Pet Stores

Save on card processing costs for your pet store or animal companion accessory shop. Full suite of pet-friendly merchant services.

Pet Stores >

Feed Stores

Grain and feed shops can benefit from simplified billing and better cash flow under our low-risk portfolio.

Feed Stores >

Gun Stores

FFL friendly merchant accounts and processing. Gun store, gunsmith and firearm accessory services.

Gun Stores >

Bail Bondsmen

Bail agents get competitive rates on credit card processing, credit card terminals, payment gateways, and check guarantee services.

Bail Bondsmen >