Merchant Systems Credit Card Processing

Storefront Credit Card Processing

Trust us to provide you with the perfect credit card processing account for your credit card acceptance needs. When your company needs to take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards, our merchant accounts will perform perfectly for both your employees and customers.

Our technology will allow you to accept the credit card payment by a reader, internet e-commerce, even by a portable mobile device, and a touch tone telephone. Our system will make sure you get paid on the credit card transactions as soon as the next day!

Each credit card transaction you process through a credit card machine or software device will be recorded electronically to make sure you are paid for the goods and/or services rendered. Reporting is a breeze and always available online for you to monitor your daily totals and to perform your monthly accounting reconciliation practices. Your low cost credit card processing accounts can be used with any machine, reader, or gateway that communicates to our authorization network. Connection methods include: internet, telephone, wireless and portable, CDMA and GPRS, and electronic.

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Manual Credit Card Not Present

Manual Credit Card Processing

When you transact credit cards without swiping the magnetic stripe, you operate with a much greater risk than companies that do. Fortunately, accepting credit cards outside of the normal parameters is no problem for our customers. Let our professionals teach you the best practice procedures to minimize your vulnerabilities in transacting in a higher risk environment. We Offer a large variety of payment methods to your customers. They include: e-commerce, internet web portals, cellular phone, virtual credit card machines on the internet, and credit card machines.


Restaurant Credit Card Processing

If you operate a restaurant and accept credit cards your business will want to partner with payment professionals that don’t create operational headaches for your employees. We employ only the most competent technicians that will work with you to give your restaurant everything it needs to accept credit cards and get paid fast! Our implementation team will make sure that your point-of sale device works perfectly from “day one.” Special requirements such as: server programming, tip prompting, batch cut-off windows, and server training is all customized to your specifications.

We work with every major POS manufacturer and is certified on the following authorization networks: TSYS, all First Data platforms, Visa Net, Vital, FDMS Omaha, FDMS North, FDMS Nashville, FDMS BuyPass, and Global Payments. Contact our sales team today to make sure your establishment iis paying the lowest interchange rates possible.

Retail Fuel, Automotive and Truck Repair

Gas Station Credit Card Processing

Capital Processing Network’s suite of petro solutions bodes very well with car dealerships, auto and truck repair facilities, and gas stations.

We can give your company the edge you need to attract the widest variety of customers to your facility. Wex, Voyager, and Wright Express card acceptance combined with all the other major card brands will be available to your customers. Our technicians will leverage our technology to offer your company: speed, reliability, and profitability when dealing with thousands of transactions per month.

Lodging and Hotel

Hotel Credit Card Processing

Capital Processing Network provides credit processing, debit card processing and check guarantee services designed specifically for the Lodging industry. These services will help to better streamline guest check-in and check-out process at the front desk. Applications with or without a pre-authorization are available to suit your business needs at check in. Compatibility with your point-of-sale hardware should not be a problem.

Car Rental

Auto Dealer Credit Card Processing

Car rental accounts are solely for companies that rent vehicles and/or utility equipment. There are a variety pieces of information specific to the auto rental account setup that are needed in the transaction data. The majority of credit card transactions will be carried out face-to-face and a card swipe will occur.

Retail Supermarket

Supermarket Credit Card Processing

High volume supermarkets and other multi-lane retail locations often require dedicated services and equipment to ensure that transactions are completed efficiently. Capital Processing Network offers a large variety of processing solutions for this type of account; credit card processing, debit / check card processing (pin pad), check guarantee, conversion processing, check recovery, and gift cards.