Point of Sale Credit Card Processing

Capital Processing Network’s objectives for your point-of-sale implementation

POS Credit Card Processing

Looking for credit card processing for your superior point-of-sale hardware solutions? Capital Processing Network is committed to providing a variety of POS terminal solutions for every environment. We estimate that 30-35% of our total clients in our portfolio use point-of-sale technology in their businesses today. We Offer excellent credit card processing solutions for: retail, restaurant, medical, dry cleaners, hotels, government, parking garages,sports arenas, and theme parks.

Our credit and debit processing software applications provide you with the tools necessary to efficiently operate your transactions better than your competitors.

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  • Provide faster rate-of-service to your guests and customers
  • Smooth and perfect implementation with no down time
  • Offer as many payment options as you want
  • Improve your guest experience
  • Maintain best practices and redundancy for electronic payments
  • Enable the highest productivity
  • Mitigate PCI and cardholder fraud risks

Common Point-of-Sale Hardware Systems That Work on Our Authorization and Settlement Platforms

Vendor Name Software Name
Aloha Aloha
Micros Micros and Radiant Systems
Eagle POS Eagle POS
ASI Restaurant Manager
Microsoft RMS / Dynamics POS
Cutting Edge Solutions Future POS
PAR Technology Corp PixelPoint
Action Systems Restaurant Manager
Celerity Data Inc Infinity Retail Mgmt System
Vermont Systems GolfTrac
Yahoo Storefront Yahoo Storefront
Comcash Comcash
Positive (A.K.A.Go Positive) Positive (A.K.A.Go Positive)
Diamond Touch POS Diamond Touch POS
RMS Touch (Not Microsoft RMS) RMS Touch
Radiant Systems Countpoint POS
Silver Earth SE Commerce
Slim CD Slim CD
Pay Trace Pay Trace
ADP Lightspeed ADP Lightspeed
Merchant OS Merchant OS
TAM Retail Tam POS
K3 Software Corp RPOWER
Wand POS Tender Retail
Focus POS Focus POS
Retail Pro Retail Pro
SMD Software Site Link
Gym Assistant Gym Assistant