"How to" Contracts

How to Read Capital Processing Networks Contracts

When you commence a new account with us our process is quick, transparent, secure, and confidential. To open and start a new merchant account the following items are required:

  • Corporate name and information
  • Federal Tax ID number
  • Owner information
  • Banking information to route your credit card deposits
  • A few signatures
  • There are some other small items, but the major ones are listed above

We have described the purpose of our documents in more detail below if you need more information.

Merchant Receipt Form – The Merchant Receipt Form is quick recap of what services were purchased. It also serves as a receipt in the event you purchased new hardware devices. Please keep this in your receipt folder for accounting purposes. Typically, your Senior Account Executive will sign the form along with you while explaining the options available to you.

Merchant Processing Application and Agreement – This is filled out by the Senior Account Executive and the new merchant at the time of the sale. The business information including the DBA name & legal name of the company, addresses, website address, e-mail address and contact information. A site survey regarding the location will be assessed by the Senior Account Executive regarding the physical location. Company History regarding Trade References and Owner/Partner information is also located on this form. The Transaction Information regarding the merchant’s yearly volume and all service fees pertaining to the credit card processing transactions for American Express, Visa, Master Card, Capital Processing and First Data stated on the application and is reviewed by the Senior Account Representative with the merchant when signing the application with Capital Processing Network.

Merchant Services – Program Terms and Conditions (Program Guide) & Confirmation Page – The Merchant Services Program Terms and Conditions describes the terms and conditions of the processing agreement with the merchant and FDMS. The Confirmation Page is located on page 38 is signed by the new merchant after reading and understanding the Terms and Conditions. You can download a copy here.

Equipment Status Form – The Equipment Status Form documents exactly what you want from us when we turn on your service. You give us the right information to make it a successful installation without any headaches! It also informs you that a Capital Processing Network Technical Support Employee will be contacting you to set-up the new account and implementation process over the phone once the equipment has been received at the designated location. The merchant will need to contact their old merchant service provider by the end of the month to cancel the previous service provider. Capital Processing Network cannot cancel your contract with another service provider. The information included on this form is the type of equipment or software that is being used or upgraded from existing equipment owned by the merchant.

Referral Form – If a merchant would like to provide any referrals to Capital Processing Network, you can earn an extra $250.00 to $1,000.00 simply by referring us to a business owner anywhere in the United States that you may know of who can benefit from our program.

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