The TransArmor® Fraud
Prevention Solution

The Threat

Payment card account numbers are a valuable commodity and represent prime targets for unscrupulous fraudsters and cyber-criminals. The consequences of a data breach include significant merchant responsibility for monetary losses due to fraud, substantial fines, and the loss of revenue due to the resulting damage to your business’s brand.

More than 900 million payment card records were breached between 2004–2009, and this number increases each day. Because these fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective, a new, more impenetrable solution is required to stop these perpetrators from putting you and your customers at risk.

The Solution

First Data’s TransArmor payment security solution is a powerful tool which combines the flexibility of software or hardware-based encryption with random-number tokenization. Tokenization technology helps ensure that payment card data never enters the merchant environment by replacing it with a random-number token, which carries no value outside of the merchant environment. This means that your systems never hold the actual card numbers from the transactions you process.

This unique layered service protects merchants and consumers from the risks of transmitting and storing vulnerable card data, while leaving business processes intact.

TransArmor Is Easily Implemented and Maintained

No additional hardware, changes to back-end systems or employee training is typically required. TransArmor’s ease of implementation and everyday use has already been tested and proven through millions of transactions.

Streamline Your PCI Compliance Efforts

The PCI Data Security standard consists of 12 requirements which merchants must satisfy to handle customer card information safely. The TransArmor solution meets the PCI Security Standards Council guidelines for encryption and tokenization, and First Data agrees with their assessment of EMV adding an additional layer of security to those solutions.

The TransArmor system makes it easier for merchants to satisfy Mandatory PCI Compliance Data Security Standards. Four of the Major PCI DSS Requirements addressed by TransArmor are:

  • Protect stored cardholder data
  • Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks
  • Restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know
  • Restrict physical access to cardholder data

How the TransArmor Solution Works

The TransArmor solution is an industry-unique combination of encryption technology to protect sensitive payment card data in-transit along with tokenization technology to safely store card data post authorization.

  1. Consumer presents card to merchant POS or fuel pump
  2. Card data is encrypted and transmitted to First Data front-end
  3. First Data front-end decrypts the data payload
  4. Card data is sent to issuing bank for authorization and , in parallel, tokenized
  5. Token is paired with authorization response and sent back to the merchant
  6. Merchant stores token instead of card data in their environment and uses token for subsequent business processes

Securing your payment transactions with TransArmor is an easily implemented solution to a rising level of fraud; reduces efforts involved with establishing and maintaining PCI Compliance, and will help protect your livelihood. Call one of our TransArmor Specialists to learn more about protecting your business and your merchants 1.877.456.9747, and choose option 3.

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Key Components

  • Offers multiple encryption options – Payment card data is secured at the merchant POS – prior to transmission – using either software- or hardware-based encryption and is protected throughout the entire transaction.
  • Addresses root cause of data security issues – Tokenization technology helps ensure that payment card data never enters the merchant environment by replacing it with a random-number token, which has no value outside of the merchant environment.
  • Reduces PCI compliance scope, effort and cost – Removing payment card data from merchant systems also removes it from PCI scope, minimizing the time and resources needed to meet PCI requirements.
    • Can reduce the scope of annual PCI audits by as much as 80%
    • Can reduce the time PCI compliance requires by as much as 50%
  • Preserves a unique card-based ID – Token numbers can be used in place of the original card number for business functions without risk of storing card data or breaking processes
  • Easily implemented and maintained – No additional hardware, changes to back-end systems or employee training is typically required.
  • Access to data – First Data retains access to the secure data and translates card numbers to randomly assigned token values when needed for customer interactions such as adjustments, retrievals, recurring payments and chargebacks
  • Warranty – Because the processor is now securing and storing the card data, First Data offers a limited warranty to protect the merchant if the token is stolen.